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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Love Story: How my boyfriend went vegan

Since we were driving to San Antonio, Bruce, the boys and I had to drive through a HUGE agriculture/farming area of Texas. Bruce was driving this part of the trip (bless him-the worst part of the drive), and going through Happy Texas was not very happy! He was shocked of the smell and was even more shocked of seeing the pasture land with no cows or chickens grazing or pecking, doing all of the natural things that farm animals are meant to do.

When we got back to Colorado Springs, Bruce and I watched The Greatest Speech by Gary Yourofsky the same day that he gave up dairy. Bruce watched the VERY GRAPHIC parts of the speech, even when I had to leave the room in tears. I looked at him, and told him "see why I'd been trying to get you off of dairy". He leaned over and kissed me thanking me for loving him so much, and helping him find a healthy place.

Keeping on the same note, we watched Forks Over Knives that same night. Now he's wanting to read The China Study. I told one of my friends about this, and her take is that there is "no turning back", he will be changed (for the healthier) forever. He even had his business partner to watch the movie, who loved it so much he watched it again with his daughters.

Bruce has had the rose colored glasses removed and talks about it to EVERYONE, he feels that if people knew what was happening they would go veg and be more respectful of where their food comes from. For Bruce, since we have been dating, his cholesterol went from 200+ to 135 and he weighs the same as when he was in college (he's in his late 40s). He is more in-tuned with his body, listening to it when eating whole foods gives him energy and processed carbs (even as healthy as I cook) makes him sluggish.

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