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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Gifts That Show Love Through the Year

The Gifts That Show Love Through the Year

This Company has several designs a week that support wonderful causes. Don't get too attached to the designs, though. They come out with a new cause and different deigns each week. With the purchase of every shirt, the company gives $7 dollars of the purchase to that weeks organization. You are able to keep up with the organization, to see how funds are being used....

I've gotten 4 shirts from them, and they're a great quality. Super soft!

For some in my family, I'm sponsoring rescued animals for a year. With some organizations you'll receive a letter and photo. (If you're looking for a throughout the year letter and photo, double check. Some will only do one.) Again, this is great looking into for kids that may have too many toys, but are still wanting to open something. Plus, this teaches about being responsible with animals/kids and that there is more to life then toys/games.....

For the loved ones in our families, that may not see eye to eye on our views. (My friend gave me this idea.) She will fill up a reusable bag with documentary of choice and then add items that go along with it. For example, she gave a documentary about energy, filled up the bag with CFLs and information on doing a home energy audit. Peaceable Kingdom is a good choice. It's about farmers that once ate meat and gave it up, either because of health, environment or the love of their animals and the rose colored glasses being removed.....

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