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Monday, April 2, 2012

The First of Many....

So, here I go. My boyfriend said I needed to this. (I got to thinking about it. And, guess what, he may be right.) This blog will be about plant-based diets, veganism, vegetarianism, sustainability, compassion and more. My back story (just like everyone) is one where I shouldn't be as normal as I am. I had an eating disorder, like SO many other girls and boys, it started off with me trying to control the crumbling world around me. Then the disorder took control of me. I will not go into what I used to do-I'm not wanting to give anyone any ideas on how to continue or pursue this. I will talk about how I took back my control (yes, I'm still a control freak-it adds to my charm), and my relationship with food, mother nature, friends, family and loved ones.

I've been posting a Meatless Monday blog for the San Antonio Sustainable Living Group and The San Antonio Environmental MeetUp Group since 2009. I started dating someone new (since January-this year), after being dumped by the guy that I moved to Colorado Springs with.

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