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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Starting Over~ Staying True

Starting Over ~ Staying True

So, here is the post that I've been trying to figure out how to write.... This is to keep you (my followers posted) and for me to. I've left Bruce and I've moved back to San Antonio, TX. I know that I would give blips into the life that I was sharing with him.

The truth of it, he wasn't the right person for me. I did learn a lot from him and the group that I was working with in Colorado Springs. However, in the wrong that some of the members of the group did (like asking someone else to be the president of The Compassionate Vegan) not their place, or cutting chocolate cake in my face causing me to have a systemic reaction (I'm highly allergic). I've come out of this knowing that I love to create, share, and help. I've learned that I want to always have an open door for my friends to just drop by and share with great company.

So, in this transition and being compassionate to myself, I've allowed to grieve and now I'm looking into a great culinary school where the program focuses on plant-based nutrition, spring of 2014. I'm meeting like-minded new friends and reconnecting with those that I've lost touched with.

While there are so many of us in this world that have found ourselves in this position, the key is to always remain true to who you are. I'm fortunate to have always known I have a strong core value. These are the moments, where being truthful and taking the step back and looking at the big picture is truly important. Talking to my friends have helped SO much. Some of them helped me pack and move cross-country and some have just been there to answer the phone.


  1. HEY GURL - you are and always will be AWESOME!

  2. Thank you... You just made my day =)

  3. Miss you Jackie! Talk to you soon. TG