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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day~ To ALL Moms

Happy Mothers Day

So here it is mothers day again. Yesterday friends of mine (I am still feeling under the weather) got together to raise awareness of mother cows and how they have to give birth to make milk, and milk products. They gave free non-dairy ice cream bars, and literature explaining the industry horrors.

I always thought it was odd when my aunt would wish me a happy mothers day, when I'm a pet parent to two beautiful rescued four legged furry pups. Now, I understand and I'm proud of it and look at word choices between owner and pet parent. When we change the word from owner to pet parent, we change the outlook of responsibility. That our companion animals are our responsibility for the lifetime that we are together. My boyfriend has two sons, and I'm a part time caregiver. They have a mom and I'm not trying to replace. So, yes I'm a pet mom.

On this Mothers Day, lets remember all moms from our own to the ones forgotten. Dairy Cows (that are raped, then have their babies stolen from them), Moms that have out lived their children and survive by Meals on Wheels, Elephants that have lost their families to the ivory trade or the circus, and Dolphins that have lost their loved ones to the slaughter in Japan.... Please support a cause and thank a mom this mothers day!

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