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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Myth Behind Dairy

Myth Behind Dairy

Here it goes. I've been trying to figure out the best approach to write this, and haven’t really been that successful. The myth about dairy and the truth of how I feel are really very distorted.

I used to be like everyone else out in the world, addicted to cheese and thought that there wasn't harm being caused to the cows or the goats. Well, that thinking is SO far from truth and here’s why….

When you see a mother breast feeding her baby, what do you think? Do you think that they are developing a bond? Do you think about the science behind it? A mother feeding all of the nutrients that she has to her newborn? To understand a mothers bond to her newborn; is to understand and see that ALL animals have a bond when fed their mothers milk. What one may fail to see and understand is that a female has to be pregnant and give birth to produce milk for her young. This is across the board, cows, tigers, women and goats. Well, when you drink cow or goat milk, you rob their children, their young to drink and grow to obtain the milk for human consumption. Man is the only species that has continued to drink milk after weaned from our mothers. Most of us have heard about being lactose intolerant, or are ourselves. Well, the reason is due to us ALL losing the bacteria in our guts that helps break down the lactose in milk (regardless of what species).

The moral issue at hand is: if a mother has to give birth to produce milk and this is true for all mammals, then what happens to the babies that are born to these mothers. If you’re a cow or a goat, you get one day. If you’re a female cow or goat, you live in a pen or stall and are abused until you’re old enough to be raped and suffer the process all over again. If you’re a male, then you’re sold for your flesh.
The environmental issue at hand: if I call myself an environmentalist, then I am contributing to the greenhouse gasses. I allow companies to poison my body and the planet. One can buy organic, one can make sure that the cows are not pumped with antibiotics and rBGH. You still purchase milk that is not local and still highly processed. Is that healthy for you or the environment?

The health and some may call the yuck issue: Somatic Cell Count – Google it! Turning dairy cows into milk machines has led to epidemics such as mastitis (udder infections). According to the USDA, 1 in 6 dairy cows in the United States suffers from clinical mastitis, which is responsible for 1 in 6 dairy cow deaths on U.S. dairy farms. This level of disease is reflected in the concentration of somatic cells in the American milk supply. When a cow is infected, greater than 90% of the somatic cells in her milk are neutrophils, the inflammatory immune cells that form pus. The average somatic cell count in U.S. milk per spoonful is 1,120,000. [But as the dairy industry points out, the accumulation of pus is a natural part of an animal’s defense system. So pus itself isn’t a bad thing, we just may not want to have it in our mouth.]

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